Skye Edge Fields - Proposals

Closed 2 May 2022

Opened 23 Mar 2022

Feedback expected 25 May 2022


Parks and Countryside Services have received Public Health Funding to make improvements to sites across the city that will benefit people's health and wellbeing.  As part of this Skye Edge Fields has been allocated funding which will be used alongside other funds to help deliver improvements.

The proposals are to create attractive, welcoming and secure entrances and boundaries, seating areas and signage, and to resurface more of the most frequently used paths.

If these proposals are implemented they would:

  • help secure the entrances and boundaries against illegal access by vehicles
  • help make Skye Edge Fields feel safer and be a more attractive and welcoming place to visit
  • help deter fly tipping
  • improve the surfaces of the paths
  • make it easier for visitors to find their way around

We would like to hear the opinions and preferences of local people and park users, to ensure the proposals develop in line with community interest and need.

This is the second of two consultations about these proposals.

The aim of the second consultation is to:

  • gain feedback to improve and fanalise the designs for the entrances and boundaries

The results of the first consultation are in this report:

Skye Edge Fields Improvements 2022 - Consultation 1 Report Rev 1

The feedback from this first consultation has helped us to design the entrances, boundaries and seating areas, and identify which paths to prioritise for resurfacing. 

Why your views matter

To understand whether the proposals suggested are appropriate and a good use of the alloted funding, we need the opinions and suggestions of the local community, park users and other interested parties.  We can then finalise the proposals and developments around the needs and priorities of the local community, to ensure the design delivers improvements that are best for the site.

This questionnaire will take between 5 - 20 minutes to complete, but...

Please only complete as many or as few questions as you want.  All contributions are valuable.

Publishing/Privacy Statement

We may choose to use your comments/ideas within project documents, press releases or online (social media or website). Your responses will remain anonymous unless we agree formally with you to use your namefor example John S said...."Skye Edge Fields really needs xxxx to improve the site"

Updating and removing contact details

If you wish to have your contact details removed or updated at any time, please contact us on 0114 2500500 or email

Other formats

If you know someone that may like to take part who requires a paper copy of the survey, please let us know.

What happens next

By sharing your views and opinions this will help us to analyse common themes and suggestions in order to start drawing up detailed proposals for the changes. Once these have been drafted we will then present the proposals back to the community through our online social media pages, paper copies in local spaces for comment, online survey and at public meetings/events. 


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