Dropped Kerbs and Double Parking

Closes 27 Mar 2023

Opened 13 Mar 2023


Parking Services are reviewing the following parking issues;

  • parking in front of dropped kerbs (for example in front of driveways and across pedestrian crossing points with tactile paving)
  • double parking

Double parking is when a vehicle is parked more than 50cm from the edge of the carriageway (usually a kerb, but may be a boundary such as a wall).The contravention would not occur if the vehicle is parked fully within a designated parking place (such as signed bays for limited waiting, permit holders, or pay and display parking).

Currently we are not issuing parking tickets to vehicles specifically for the above offences, although we may enforce if there are other restrictions present, such as double yellow lines on the section of street. The police can also issue Fixed Penalty Notices to vehicles which cause obstruction, but parking enforcement is primarily now undertaken by the council.

National legislation (the Traffic Management Act 2004) allows us to issue parking tickets in the above scenarios. However, the regulations do allow the occupier of a residential property to park their own vehicle in front of their driveway dropped crossing (or permit someone else to), providing

•        there is not another restriction in place

•        they have not accepted a reward to allow someone to park there

•        it is not a shared access

There are also national exemptions we would have to apply if the vehicle is stopped:

•        To pick up/drop off a passenger

•        Due to circumstances beyond the drivers control (e.g. a broken down vehicle), or the vehicle is being used to recover a broken down vehicle

•        As it is an emergency service vehicle (e.g. police, fire, ambulance) on duty

•        Due to police instructions to avoid an accident

•        To carry out roadworks, utilities works, building operations, demolitions or excavations (if the work cannot be undertaken without the vehicle being at that location)

•        For loading activity (maximum 20 minutes)

•        For the collection of waste by a local authority, or carrying out works in relation to a road, a traffic sign or road lighting

Please note that this form is not intended for specific service complaints or questions.  To make report any other parking enforcement issues, please email parkingenforcement@sheffield.gov.uk, or call  0114 273 6255.

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Why your views matter

Before we consider introducing this enforcement, we are interested in your views and opinions on problems caused by such parking and the benefits of better enforcement.

The consultation is also aimed at understanding any areas where such parking is currently causing issues to help plan enforcement.

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