Frecheville Pond & Park Improvements

Closed 6 Mar 2022

Opened 24 Jan 2022

Results updated 3 May 2022

Frecheville Public Health Improvements Consultation 1 of 2 - Report

The consultation was published on the 24th January 2022 to 6th March 2022.

We received 317 responses to this consultation

You can view the results of the consultation in the document below:



Parks and Countryside Services have received Public Health funding to make improvements to sites across the city that will benefit people's health and wellbeing.  As part of this, Frecheville Pond & Park has been allocated funding which will be used alongside other funds to help deliver some improvements.

The proposals are to rejuvenate the existing play area and bring the two disused and inaccessible sports courts back into public use.

The proposal for the playground is for one or two new pieces of equipment, the replacement of swing seats, and the replacement of the soft surfacing around the remaining equipment, with playground carpet.  

The proposal for the disused tennis court in the western corner, is to retain and enhance the current ecological value that has developed and open the area up to the public as a nature garden with path, meadow and native planting.

The proposal for the adjacent, disused basketball court, opposite the pond, is to create an area for physical activity and socialising.

This is the first of two consultations about these proposals.

The aim of this first consultation is to:

  • understand how people use the site
  • introduce the draft proposals to improve the site
  • introduce the reasons for these proposals
  • establish the priorities of the local community and other park users.

The feedback from this first consultation will help us to produce detailed designs for the changes.

The aim of the second consultation is to gain feedback on the detailed proposals, to improve and finalise the designs.

Why your views matter

To establish a more complete understanding of the site and how it is used, we need the ideas, opinions and priorities of the local community, park users and other interested parties.  We can then shape proposals and developments around the needs and interests of the local community, to ensure the design delivers improvements that are best for the site.

This questionnaire will take between 5 - 10 minutes to complete.

Publishing/Privacy Statement

We may choose to use your comments/ideas within project documents, press releases or online (social media or website). Your responses will remain anonymous, unless you agree at a later date that you are happy for your name to be linked to your comment/s for example John S said...."Frecheville park really needs xxxx to improve the site"

Updating and removing contact details

If you wish to have your contact details removed or updated at any time, please contact us on 0114 2500500 or email

Other formats

If you know someone that may like to take part who requires a paper copy of the survey, please let us know.

What happens next

By sharing your thoughts and opinions you will help us to analyse common themes and suggestions in order to start drawing up detailed proposals for the changes and related activities. We will then present the proposals back to the community through our traditional and digital channels.


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