Consultation about Brincliffe Glyphosate Free Zone Trial

Closed 1 Dec 2022

Opened 16 Feb 2022

Results expected 12 Dec 2022

Feedback expected 13 Dec 2022


The Council committed to reviewing and reducing the use of glyphosate in a controlled and targeted way across the city in September 2021.

Glyphosate (sometimes known as “Roundup”) is a weedkiller used across agriculture and forestry, on lawns and gardens, in highway and public space maintenance as well as in food and crop production.

In response to resident concerns over the use of this product, Sheffield City Council has committed to reducing its use of glyphosate across all its service areas.

This consultation relates specifically to trialling a glyphosate free zone in the Brincliffe area of the city for 2022.

This area will therefore be left untreated and only subject to standard sweeping and management regimes without the use  of weed killers.

This survey seeks to understand the views, experiences and concerns from those living in, travelling through and experiencing a weed killer free zone.

A map of the Glyphosate Free area is below and includes the following streets:

Lyndhurst Road, Cavendish Road, Chelsea Road, Osborne Road and Union Road.

Note that some streets are only partially included deliberately as a control to evaluate the difference between treated and untreated areas in the same suburb.

What happens next

This consultation has now closed.

We will provide a summary of the results of the consultation on this page, and so watch this space.


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  • Anyone from any background


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