High Hazels Park Improvements

Closed 26 Jun 2022

Opened 26 Apr 2022

Results updated 5 Oct 2022

Feedback for High Hazels Park Improvements Survey 

282 local people responded to the High Hazels Park Improvements survey. 210 of those were via this online portal and the rest were completed on paper with support from local organisations including Darnall Well Being, Darnall Youth Club and Darnall Library. A big thank you to all involved!

Park users told us they currently use the park for many activities but the most popular pass times are walking, enjoying nature, visiting the playground and socialising. Many respondents told us they would love to see a better cafe and toilet facilities.

There was support for bringing the large shelter down to open up that space for new facilities. People told us that they like shelter and asked us to include some form of it the new improvements. We will work with the designers to see if this is possible. 

Responding about the future, and what new facilities the local community would like to see, we received great feedback. The top 3 were adult gym, wheels based activities and toddler play (as part of this project we will review the current play area/toddler play and see if there are gaps or specific equipment requires updating). Complimentary things like seating, picnic benches and areas for informal meetings/social events were also popular choices.

The current budget unfortunately won't pay for everything so improvements in the park will need to be phased and additional sources of funding applied for. If you are interested in supporting these efforts by joining Friends of High Hazels please email: sarah.poulter@sheffield.gov.uk.

Next steps; Parks will commission a designer to consider the options within the current budget and develop a phased plan which can be used to attract further funding. This plan will be publicised to local people in early 2023 and you will have an opportunity to give us further feedback.

If you are interested in the details of the results, the full report from Citizen Space is attached below. 




High Hazels Park Consultation 2022

Funding has been allocated to High Hazels from Sheffield City Council’s Public Health budget. The money will be spent on raising the quality of the green space and improving existing and/or creating new facilities in the park to benefit the local community’s physical and mental health.

This survey asks you about how you use the park now, and how you would like to use it in the future, so that we can prioritise how we spend the Public Health monies. 

For more information about anything related to this survey please email:


Why your views matter

Funding has been allocated for active recreational facilities in the park. We would like to know your ideas and opinions on how this funding should be spent. By telling us how you use the park now, and how you would like to use it in the future, we can make improvements that suit your community's needs. 

We haven't asked local people in Darnall their opinions recently, so this is your opportunity to tell us your views about High Hazels Park.

This consultation is open to all.

What happens next

We are consulting in Spring 2022, following which we will analyse the results, report back and set out the next steps in late Summer 2022.


  • Darnall


  • Anyone from any background


  • Leisure and Activities (Activity Sheffield)