Consultation About A Dying Tree On Loxley Road near Damflask (our reference 12044329)

Closed 24 Jan 2022

Opened 3 Jan 2022

Feedback expected 26 Jan 2022

Results updated 25 Jan 2022

There were 2 responses to this consultation

100% agreement with fell

50 / 50 on replant location

The proposal is to relocate the tree to Birley Spa Lane / Delves Road due to the proximity of a large retaining drystone wall at original location

The one objection was on the grounds of the tree should go back in the original location

50% agree with replant species (Liriodendron tulipifera)

50% took the “don’t know” option

Having discussed with the Street Tree Partnership, it is felt that the relocation meets the strategic outcomes of the Street Tree Partnership Strategy, is an appropriate tree sp[ecies for the location proposed and avoids any risk of future damage to the retaining drystone wall, so works are agreed to proceed as planned


A Fraxinus excelsior (commonly known as an Ash Tree) has been identified on Loxley Road approximatley 200 metres from the Damflask footway entrance as dying.

An assessment carried out by our tree experts noticed that the tree had Inonotus hispidus fungal bracket half way up central stem.  

It has also exprienced multiple branch failures in recent months.  

The tree is in decline and deemed to be at risk of major failure into highway. 

Once removed, we propose to replace the tree with a Liriodendron tulipifera (Tuplip Tree) which will be relocated due to the proximity of the nearby drystone wall - to centre of large circular verge at the junction of Birley Spar Lane and Delves Road.

Why your views matter

The Sheffield Tree Partnership have developed the draft Sheffield Street Tree Partnership Working Strategy.  This sets out our commitment to explain to local residents the reasons behind decisions to remove trees, and provide the opportunity to challenge these decisions through an open and transparent process.

A copy of the draft strategy is available at:

What happens next

This consultation has now closed.

We will provide a summary of the results of the consultation on this page, and so watch this space.


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