Neighbourhood Planning: Broomhill, Broomfield, Endcliffe, Summerfield & Tapton (BBEST) Neighbourhood Forum application for forum renewal

Closed 12 Dec 2019

Opened 31 Oct 2019

Feedback updated 30 Jan 2020

We asked

We consulted on the application by the Broomhill, Broomfield, Endcliffe, Summerfield & Tapton (BBEST) Neighbourhood Forum to renew the designation of the forum for a further 5 years as required by the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended). This is to allow the forum to continue the process of preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the BBEST Neighbourhood Area.

You said

We received 9 comments on the consultation. These were taken into consideration in making the designation.

We did

On 24 January 2020 the Interim Head of Planning designated the neighbourhood forum for a further period of 5 years.  The forum can continue working towards completion and referendum on their neighbourhood plan.

Details on the designation can be read in the decision report which is available on our website:

Sheffield City Council - Decision - The renewal of the designation of BBEST Neighbourhood Forum


Under the Localism Act 2011, local communities can produce a Neighbourhood Development Plan setting out policies on the development and use of land in their area.

Community groups and Parish Councils can apply for the designation of a Neighbourhood Plan Area: this is the first stage in producing a Neighbourhood Plan.

The Broomhill, Broomfield, Endcliffe, Summerfield & Tapton (BBEST) Neighbourhood Area was designated by Sheffield City Council in January 2015. 

In those parts of Sheffield not covered by a Town or Parish Council a Neighbourhood Forum must be designated by the Council in order to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for the Neighbourhood Area. Once a neighbourhood forum has been designated another cannot be designated for the area until that existing neighbourhood forum expires or is withdrawn.

Broomhill, Broomfield, Endcliffe, Summerfield & Tapton (BBEST) Neighbourhood Forum was designated as the neighbourhood forum for the BBEST neighbourhood area in January  2015 for a period of five years.

The BBEST Neighbourhood Forum is now at an advanced stage of the neighbourhood planning process and has produced a final version of its proposed plan for submission and independent examination

Under The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended) an application has been received from BBEST Neighbourhood Forum to renew its neighbourhood forum designation for a further five years.

Why your views matter

In line with the requirements of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended), the Council is required to publicise valid neighbourhood forum applications for a 6 week period.

The Council is now seeking comments on the application to renew the BBEST neighbourhood forum designation for a further five years.

The forum application includes a map of the BBEST Neighbourhood Area, a statement to demonstrate that the applicants are capable of being a qualifying body (within the terms of S61F(5) of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 as amended), a copy of the BBEST constitution, and contact details for the BBEST Neighbourhood Forum. A copy of the applications can be seen below or downloaded from the Neighbourhood Planning web page.

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing.Please download the PDF.

Copies of the application are also available to view at the following locations:

• First Point, Howden House, 1 Union Street, S1 2SH
• Central Library, Surrey Street S1 1XZ   
• Broomhill Community Library, 10 Taptonville Road, Sheffield S10 5BR

What happens next

All comments received will be considered by the Council before any designation is made.

The Council’s decision on whether to renew the designation of the neighbourhood forum will be published on the Council’s website.

Once a Neighbourhood Development Plan is confirmed by a local referendum it becomes part of the Development Plan for Sheffield and will be used alongside the Sheffield Local Plan to determine planning applications in the relevant Neighbourhood Plan Area.


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