Parks & Countryside - Customer Satisfaction Survey

Closed 23 Oct 2015

Opened 24 Aug 2015




Sheffield City Council's Parks and Countryside Service manages parks, woodlands and green spaces across the City.

Why your views matter

We are trying to find out what you think about Sheffield's parks, green spaces and woodlands. We hope you can help us by completing our short survey.

We value your feedback and will use this to help us improve our services.

Your responses will remain anonymous and will be used for monitoring purposes only.

Please note: If you would like to return to your survey another time to complete it there is an opportunity to do so. This requires providing your name and details during the first few questions so that to log back in again; your responses will not be associated with these details. If you do not wish to do this you can simply skip these questions.

What happens next

Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback as part of our survey on parks, woodlands and green spaces in Sheffield.

Your survey answers will be reviewed and will help us to discover where we can improve our service delivery.


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