Sheffield Street Tree Partnership Working Strategy – Give us your views

Closed 8 Oct 2020

Opened 16 Jul 2020


We believe that the new Sheffield Street Tree Partnership Working Strategy values street trees for the benefits they bring to people, the city and the wider environment. The Strategy Development Group wanted to produce something positive and visionary – for the city to collectively view street trees as an asset, helping us to improve air quality, reduce flood risk, support wildlife and store carbon. 

The Working Strategy aims to learn from the past in order to deliver our vision for the future of Sheffield’s street trees. In developing the Working Strategy, we have recognised that a partnership approach to positively, actively and sustainably manage our street trees, both now and in the long-term, means we are more likely to achieve our ambitions. Sharing time, expertise and resources means we can deliver so much more.

Of course, our street trees are just a part of all the city’s trees and woodlands and so we have tried to ensure that the Working Strategy is a supplement to Sheffield City Council’s Trees & Woodlands Strategy. 

We have commissioned and collated baseline data, including the Sheffield Street Tree i-Tree Eco Inventory Report, so that progress towards our ambitions can be measured and is transparent.

Delivery of the outcomes and actions in the Working Strategy needs the support and involvement of many more people and organisations than those on our Strategy Development Group. So from now until Thursday 8th October 2020, we will be seeking views, comments and commitment to the proposals set out in the Working Strategy. A final strategy will be published in Spring 2021.

The partners on the Strategy Development Group have committed to their individual actions as set out under each of the six outcomes. So now it is over to you. Please tell us what you think and if you can help deliver any of the actions. 

Liz Ballard, Chair, Street Tree Working Strategy Development Group

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