Registered Provider (RP) Relationship Review Project - Questions for SCC staff

Closed 25 Nov 2022

Opened 20 Oct 2022


The objective of the ongoing Registered Provider Relationship Review is to improve outcomes for customers by improving the way in which SCC carries out work with, for, or in relation to Registered Providers (Housing Associations).

(Registered Providers are organisations such as Sanctuary Housing or South Yorkshire Housing Association; providers of social housing which are registered with the Social Housing Regulator). 

Interviews and workshops have already been carried out with some members of staff to scope out the different areas of the Council's operations which involve Registered Providers and those responses have shaped this survey. Even if you have been interviewed already, we still want your view via this survey.

The survey has 7 sections and aims to gather information about:

  1. What you do in relation to RPs
    1. What you do currently
    2. What do you feel about the work with Registered Providers
    3. What you may do in future – planned or currently unresourced work activities
  2. Contracts, monitoring, value of sold or commissioned services, data sets.
  3. Meetings with or about RPs
    1. Meetings organised/facilitated by Housing Strategy and Regeneration Team
    2. Other meetings organised by SCC
    3. Externally organised meetings
  4. Decision making and direction in relation to RP work, information sharing and information requirements
  5. Barriers identified and opportunities for improvement. Your views on both.
  6. Final thoughts
  7. You and your team

Why your views matter

It is important that we understand how the Council interacts with RPs, so if you carry out work with, for or about Registered Providers, or have done in a previous role, please take the time to complete this survey.

Please could you also forward on the email with the survey link to any members of your team whose work is related to Registered Providers to help us get the best coverage of responses on this work?

The survey will close on November 25th.  Estimated time to complete the survey is 20 minutes. If you don’t want to answer a question or it isn’t relevant to you, just leave it blank. There are no wrong answers, and your input is much appreciated.  If you have any queries, or want to add further comments after submitting, please contact Amanda Baxter

What happens next

For information on how the results will be use please feel free to contact Amanda Baxter


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