Street Light Dimming Trial Survey

Closed 22 Sep 2019

Opened 26 Aug 2019


In common with many other local authorities and as part of our sustainability agenda, we are proposing to lower the intensity of street lighting in residential areas across the city.  

If approved, the changes will support the recently launched Climate Emergency plans, which encourages approaches in support of a lower carbon economy and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

The proposals will see street lights switch on responsively at 80% instead of the current 84% before midnight and reduce from 54% to 40% at midnight until 6am.

We wish to emphasise that the proposed level of dimmed lighting levels will still comply with British Standard Specification BS 5489-1 2013 which is the national standard for lighting levels followed by local highways authorities. 

We want to do all this for several reasons:
1.    It will enable us as a city to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and therefore our contribution to climate change. We estimate that the proposed reduced lighting across the city will save 380 tonnes of carbon emissions.
2.    It will enable us to save on the cost of electricity used for street lighting, thereby helping to reduce the financial pressure on already stretched council services.
3.    It will enable us to reduce light pollution and its likely negative effects on residents’ sleep patterns, certain nocturnal animals and plant species. Reduced light pollution will also enable people to derive greater enjoyment from the night sky. 

The Council plans to trial the reduced lighting levels in three districts of the city – Meersbrook, Endcliffe and Crosspool - from Monday 19 August to Friday 13 September. This will ensure that we have a sound understanding of the impact of the reduced lighting envisaged before we finally decide whether or not to go ahead with the proposal. Households in the chosen areas will each receive a letter inviting them to attend an information session in their local library. Maps of the three trial areas are shown below.

South Yorkshire Police are aware of the proposal and the council will continue to work with them, and other stakeholders, to assess and evaluate impact on communities.

We will also continue to have the ability to raise local lighting levels where it is sensible to do so in response to local circumstances, emergencies or particular events. 






Why your views matter

The briefing note below gives more information about our plans.

Highway Maintenance Service Changes - Reducing Carbon Emissions From Street Lighting

We will be holding public consultation events at Highfield Library and Broomhill Library, details of which are given below. These events will provide an opportunity for you to talk to us about the trial and for us to answer any of your questions face to face. 




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