Woodhouse Speeding Review

Closed 28 Nov 2022

Opened 24 Oct 2022


Following recent consultation undertaken by the South East Local Area Committee, and feedback from the community and elected Members, issues with vehicles exceeding the speed limit was raised as a concern within the South East area (Beighton, Birley, Mosborough and Woodhouse Wards). 

The South East Local Area Committee agreed to undertake a speeding review within the area. This started in the Mosborough Ward and is now focusing on the Woodhouse Ward. 

Local Members, the Police and Crime Commissioner, the Police, the local MP and the Council have agreed to be involved with the review. Officers from the South East Local Area Committee will facilitate the process. 

Why your views matter

This online consultation is an opportunity for you, a member of the Woodhouse community, to become involved and raise any concerns you have around vehicles driving at excessive speeds throughout the Ward. 

Feedback from this consultation will help identify any reasonable measures the South East Local Area Committee can take to reduce speeding.  

What happens next

Once we have analysed the responses from this consultation, we may establish a working group which will include representation from the community, the Police, the Council and Members of the South East Local Area Committee. 

The aim of the working group will be to identify reasonable measures that address speeding issues. 


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