Sheffield City Council working with you to tackle climate change

Closed 31 May 2021

Opened 18 Mar 2021


The climate crisis is bigger than any of us in Sheffield and to tackle it we will need to work together as a city. The Pathways to Zero event on 19th March is a moment in time when we can come together and share ideas, the first of many conversations. If you were unable to attend or want to say more than you had the opportunity to contribute, this is a space for you to put forward your ideas on the questions that were discussed in the session. You also have the opportunity to sign up to be kept in touch with future work. Due to capacity issues, we won't be able to respond to submissions individually, but they will feed into the work that we do together as a city.

Information you provide is confidential and will be treated in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Data will only be published in aggregated form; we will not publish anything which would allow any individuals to be identified from their responses. We will be holding this data on a secure database, you can ask to have your details removed from this database by emailing

Thank you so much for your commitment and ideas.


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  • Anyone from any background


  • Planning Policy Changes and Consultation