2019 Equality Hub Review for Hub Members

Closes 28 Mar 2019

Opened 1 Mar 2019


Why We Are Consulting

We are looking to undertake a review of the Equality Hubs to ensure that they continue to make the diverse voices of Sheffield heard loud and clear. 

Following this survey, a report will be written which will make recommendations to Councillors and the Equality Hub Board about the future direction of the Equality Hub Network, particularly focussing on three issues;

  • How the Hubs can most effectively amplify the voices of the most under-represented groups
  • How the Hubs can most effectively impact on the work of the council
  • How we can ensure the EHN has a long term, sustainable future.

We really want your views on how the Hubs have been working, what they have achieved and how they can be improved. Your responses are strictly confidential and will not be shared with any other third party unless permitted by you. If it's easier for you to talk to someone on the phone, please call 0114 273 35861.

Give Us Your Views


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