ASC Staff Autism Skills and Knowledge Survey

Closed 30 Nov 2020

Opened 26 Oct 2020


The adult social care service is committed to reducing inequalities and, through better education and training of our current and future workforce, this work aims to remove some of the difficulties autistic people and people with learning difficulties can often face when it comes to accessing care and support.

This survey has been coproduced with members of the Autism Partnership Board and the questions are based on the Department of Health and Social Care’s Core Capabilities (DHSC) Framework for Supporting Autistic People. This framework is relevant to all staff working across health and social care.

There's a link to the Capabilities Framework document at the bottom of this page. The Framework describes the skills, knowledge and behaviours which practitioners bring to their work. 

The survey focuses on the following areas of practice: 
•    Understanding autism 
•    Personalised support 
•    Physical and mental health 
•    Risk, legislation and safeguarding 
•    Leadership and management, education and research

All of the answers you provide in this survey will be confidential and you should be reassured that you won’t be identified in the evaluation report.  The Practice Development team will anonymise the results of the survey, so no one can identify you, by removing all your details.  These anonymised findings will be used to help improve the skills and knowledge base in relation to Autism of the ASC workforce and the results will help plan for further development sessions.

Why we are consulting

Why should I complete the survey?

By completing this survey, which should take approximately 10 minutes, you’ll help establish the level of staff confidence in supporting autistic people, and people with a learning disability to optimise their physical and mental health. 

Please be as honest as you can be when answering the questions as this will enable us to use what you tell us to inform development priorities.


Practitioners and managers should complete the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: A - Understanding Autism Skills and Knowledge 
  • Part 1: B - Understanding Autism Skills and Knowledge 
  • Additional Information (If appropriate)

In addition, managers should also complete:

  • Part 2: A - Understanding Autism Skills and Knowledge

What happens next

What happens to my answers?

Your answers will be collected by the Practice Development Team. Your answers are confidential and will not be passed on to anyone. We will anonymise the results, so no one can identify you. These anonymised findings will be used to help improve services for autistic people. Your answers will be used to

•    Support development and planning of the adult social care workforce.
•    Inform the design and delivery of learning and development programmes.


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