Six Month Review of New Governance Arrangements - Citizens

Closed 2 Jan 2023

Opened 25 Nov 2022





When the Council transitioned to a Committee system of governance in May 2022, it was agreed that the effectiveness of the new system would be evaluated after six months.

The review of the Committee system will be centred around 15 core questions: 

  • Are pre-meets and briefings working effectively for all members of a Committee
  • Are the Committees adequately supported? 
  • What do Members, officers, organisations and the public think has changed between the old system and the new system? 
  • Are Committees undertaking the type of activities pertaining to policy and decision making that they intended to do? 
  • Are LACs and Committees working well together? Is there anything that can be improved? 
  • Is the preparation for Committee meetings reasonable and proportionate? 
  • Do members and officers have the tools and time to support, deliver and develop in this system? 
  • How well are we mitigating the risks identified in the Equalities Impact Assessment? 
  • Do the Policy Committees have clear remits, are they the right remits and are the links to other Committee remits working? 
  • Are the roles within the Committee system clear and working as intended? 
  • Are decisions being made effectively and efficiently? 
  • What is working well in terms of engagement for the public with the Committee system and are there any gaps? 
  • What is the volume and nature of public questions and petitions? 
  • How effective are we at responding to questions and petitions? 
  • How accessible are the Committees and the Committee outputs? 

This survey forms part of the six month review, giving Sheffield citizens the opportunity to feed back on the above questions, but it is not the only opportunity you will have to feed back. If you have more to tell us, or would like to tell us your views in a different way (such as through a phone call or face-to-face), please email us at . 

We will also be undertaking similar engagement, including surveys and feedback sessions, with Elected Members and with Sheffield City Council Officers.

Please be assured that all responses to this survey will be treated anonymously, with no aggregation of questions used in outputs that could link individuals to responses.



  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Transition to Committees